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Why we need to address summer energy poverty in public policies

The existing body of literature on energy poverty predominantly concentrates on cold climates, leading to a plethora of information on coping strategies for chilly conditions. Conversely, there is a notable lack of insights into addressing challenges related to heat, particularly in the context of effectively cooling homes during the summer months. This imbalance arises due to the distinct nature of the drivers behind summer energy poverty when compared to those in winter. Factors such as building conditions, urban heat, the availability of cooling systems, socio-economic conditions, and the impact of climate change, all contribute to an elevated incidence of energy poverty during the summer months, particularly in households within the Mediterranean region.

Read the whole article from the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH), where you will find also an interesting video with Cooltorise experience and local approaches which we are implementing in 4 EU member states, and 6 pilot locations, as well as interesting information about the policy brief of our project.

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