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Raising summer energy poverty awareness to reduce cooling needs

Eurostat data reveals that 19% of the total population of the European Union is unable to keep their home comfortably cool in summer.

Households declared not being comfortably cool in summer
Warmest years since 2005

Caused by low household income, high energy bills, and low dwelling energy efficiency, energy poverty has traditionally been associated with the inability of households to meet their heating needs during winter.

However, up to the 19% of households declared not being comfortably cool in summer. Nine of the 10 warmest years have occurred since 2005, with the last five years comprising the five hottest.

Climate change is increasing both the severity and frequency of extreme hot weather and heat waves, which negatively impacts human health and wellbeing. Thus, cooling needs and overheating risk need to be incorporated into the energy poverty equation.

Cooltorise aims to reduce summer energy poverty incidence among European households, improving their indoor thermal habitability conditions and reducing their energy needs during the hot season, which will in turn decrease their exposure to heat and heat-related health risks.


Project products & communication materials

Documents and files archive with methodologies, knowledge, strategy, guidelines and graphical materials, which could be used during and beyond the project end by project partners.

The objective of the training materials is to provide the Summer Energy Poverty Agents with the skills, competencies, and knowledge, to properly support citizens in managing and satisfying their energy needs.

The training materials address energy related technical issues, social questions connected to the theme of energy poverty, and communication methods.

These are the participating entities in the Cooltorise consortium

Participant countries are Spain, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria.

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