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Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo

The Welfare and Development Association (ABD in Spanish) is an NGO designated a public service by the government aimed at protecting the rights of people at risk, accompanying them in their life trajectories, and acting in the community.

ABD was born in the 1980s, when drug use and the AIDS pandemic were harming the youth population. In this context, a group of professionals and volunteers came together to provide care to consumers, their families, and their environment. Today, ABD continues to tackle inequalities and social and health vulnerability through a wide range of actions, from prevention and care services to training workshops and community empowerment projects.

ABD’s social action is transversal, accompanying people and communities who live in different situations such as physical and cognitive dependency, mental, physical and emotional health problems, lack of basic goods such as work, housing or energy, gender-based violence or child abuse, the simple fact of getting older or migrating to another country, drug use, discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or origin, among others.

ABD promotes programmes designed to guarantee the people’s rights, as well as to respond to the processes that generate situations of vulnerability or social exclusion. ABD is developing more than 115 services and programmes both nationally and internationally, and supports more than 125,000 people annually, following criteria of effectiveness, ethics, quality and sustainability.

In view of the need to implement common strategies, ABD has joined the 2030 Agenda, a comprehensive and multidimensional action plan that proposes a series of Sustainable Development Goals, through which to approach the major global challenges that guide us towards the world that we want.

Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo (ABD)

Postal Address
C/ de Quevedo 2, bajos. 08012
Barcelona (SPAIN)

Telephone number
+34 93 289 05 30

Project Coordinator
Fernando Alegria

Project communication
Marina Fancelli

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