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The multiple benefits of the COOLtoRISE outdoor interventions!

Amongst the activities to be implemented during COOLtoRISE, there are the outdoor interventions.

The objective of the outdoor interventions is to improve the indoor and outdoor thermal comfort of householders who live in the housing blocks next to the climate shelter.

The solutions for the outdoor interventions are defined together with the target householders through a participatory process, involving co-design workshops. The repertory of solutions that can be implemented in the interventions consists, but is not limited to, in planting trees, installing benches, building a gazebo, etc. After deciding the type of intervention, the actual intervention is carried out with the active participation of householders. Throughout the project, at least 310 householders will take part and enjoy the benefits of the outdoor interventions in the different pilots.

As already mentioned, the primary goal of the outdoor interventions is to decrease the microclimate temperature; however there are further benefits connected to this type of intervention.

While the outdoor interventions primarily focus on providing protection and relief during extreme weather events, they can also have positive effects on sociality and mental health.

Specific studies on climate shelters are currently limited; but research on related topics such as community resilience and disaster shelters can provide insights into the potential benefits. By providing a safe environment during heat waves, the outdoor interventions can contribute to reducing householders’ vulnerability and enhancing their resilience, which may also support sociality and mental well-being. Not only does the the outdoor intervention provide relief from heat haves, but it can also foster social connections and contribute to community resilience during extreme weather events.

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