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AISFOR presented the COOLTORISE project during the EEDAL Conference on Energy Efficiency in domestic and light sources. The conference was held in Toulouse between the 1st and the 3rd June. The participants ware stakeholders interested in the social and environmental sector.

The COOLTORISE project is the evolution of two innovative approaches and models implemented the two European projects: SMART-UP and ASSIST. The latter have been developed to tackle energy poverty, while COOLTORISE became more sector- specific with a focus on summer energy poverty.

COOLTORISE, as well as the previous developed models, underlines the importance of the trained operators who implement on the ground actions to support the most vulnerable people who are the most affected by the energy poverty.

Lastly, COOLTORISE showed great interest in outdoor actions with the goal to increase awareness on the importance of choosing green solutions that minimize the environmental impact.


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