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The City of Parma (Italy) issued a plan to face heat waves

The City of Parma (Italy) issued a plan to face heat waves

Simultaneously with the beginning of summer, the City of Parma – a partner in the COOLTORISE project – has issued a plan to face heat waves providing support to frail people.

The plan includes:

  • the activation of a dedicated 24-hour voicemail until September 15 to collect reports from frail elderly people;
  • the dissemination of posters with all the useful tips to defend against the heat;
  • the monitoring of the lonely elderly, including through family doctors;
  • collaboration with volunteers to support services.

As in previous years, in line with the provisions of the Emilia-Romagna Region, a series of measures have been prepared to prevent and alleviate the discomfort that severe heat waves can cause to the elderly. During the summer, Municipalities will also enhance existing home services and temporary accommodation in sheltered residential facilities, such as Case Residenza (CRA), addressed to most frail people.

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