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At the beginning of March, training courses will be provided by the partners of the project with the goal to train the Summer Energy Poverty Agents (SEPAs).

According to the activities they will implement during the life cycle of the project, SEPAs can be divided into two figures: volunteers and coordinators. Both of them will be trained through courses built ad hoc.

Training courses are preparatory for the implementation of the actions that will be done during the first summer (2022) and the second summer (2023) addressing the vulnerable households.

Training courses will be provided in all the countries partners of the project (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Spain (BCN & MAD). The delivery methodology has been defined by the local partners who know the area of intervention as well as the knowledge needs of the target.

The main goal of the training course is to give a technical overview on energy efficiency and energy poverty as well as to deep dive into social and communicative issues.

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