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Start of CoolKits campaign in Bulgaria within Cooltorise project

In August, 2022, the Association CSEG together with representatives of Peshtera Municipality finished the design and procurement of the CoolKit Box which contain several small but very useful gadgets, with high awareness-raising potential in the field of energy consumption and energy saving issues. The Cooltorise CoolKit box contains two energy efficient bulbs of only 5W power and of 450 lumens each, a nice USB-fan, which can provide cooling during the work on computer in the hot season, and a smart wifi socket electricity meter to understand and control energy consumption of home electricity appliances.

Experts and energy poverty agents from Bulgaria already started to visit at home some low income and vulnerable citizens from Pazardzhik municipality, where they were guiding families on how to use the devices, and provided them also useful hints on how to save energy in summer period without deteriorating the comfort at home.

The campaign will continue in the first 2 weeks of September, 2022, and it is expected that more than 100 households from Pazardzhik municipality and Peshtera municipality (mainly low-income and vulnerable citizens) take advantage of this campaign. All interested households from the region of Pazardzhik and Peshtera municipalities are warmly invited to contact the two Bulgarian partners in order to receive information on how they can join the Cooltorise CoolKits Campaign to reduce the summer energy heat stress on citizens from the region.

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