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Recruitment of Summer Energy Poverty Agents

During February, outreach activities for the recruitment of Summer Energy Poverty Agents (SEPAs) began in Spain. These activities took place in two locations, Madrid and Barcelona, and were conducted among university students.

Several universities were involved in the SEPAs recruitment: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid, and Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Barcelona. The students reached during the recruitment were from various grade levels, from second year to fifth year, as well as master’s degree students.

All these activities were carried out following a Service-Learning approach: while providing a social service to the Community, the students will learn and improve their technical skills. University lecturers were involved in the process, not only providing access to their classes, but also providing support and studying how to link COOLTORISE activities to their contents.

These presentations were carried out during February and hundreds of students were reached. The interest in participating has demonstrated to be very high, with several dozens of students willing to become a SEPA in order to help alleviate Summer Energy Poverty in these two cities.

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