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Prosvasi talks: The energy crisis in practical terms

2023 started in a powerful way, with Cooltorise being represented in the first “Prosvasi talk” on “Energy crisis in practical terms”. Prosvasi talks is a discussion series covering a variety of topics around democracy and social justice, organised by the Greek CSO Prosvasi.

In this vein, our colleague Danai Kyrkou from ViLabs represented Cooltorise and presented the Greek pilot holding the presentation: Energy poverty and elderly people, based on the experience gained from the first summer of the Cooltorise workshops. Danai presented the project, the Greek training programme and the challenges the elderly face during the energy crisis.

The rest of the speakers, talked about the state of the art of the energy crisis and the economic, social and political impact it has, along with the role of the youth, their concerns, their aspirations and their intention to be part of the decision-making processes that will impact their future.

The virtual discussion was held on January 4th in Greek.

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