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Participation of Cooltorise in the Third Annual Conference on Energy Poverty

On March 22nd, Rome will host the Third Annual Conference on Energy Poverty, organized by Aisfor in collaboration with RETE ASSIST and Coordinamento Agende 21. The event is positioned as a crucial moment for discussion ahead of the presentation of the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) to the European Commission, scheduled for June 30th.

The conference will feature various sessions with speakers from European, national, and local institutions, as well as from organizations and associations active in the energy and environmental sectors. Finally, the conference will conclude with an interactive afternoon session dedicated to workshops. One of the main protagonists during this session will be the Cooltorise project.

The Municipality of Parma will host a workshop focusing on the fight against energy poverty, in collaboration with the COOLTORISE project. This event will bring together industry experts, activists, and community members to discuss concrete actions aimed at mitigating the devastating effects of energy poverty on families.

The COOLTORISE project focuses on innovative solutions to reduce the incidence of summer energy poverty, which is becoming an increasingly urgent challenge in our cities. The goal is to improve housing conditions and reduce energy needs during the hotter months, thus protecting families from excessive temperatures and associated health risks.

Through the sharing of knowledge and experiences, the aim is to build a solid foundation for the creation of a local support and solidarity network. The commitment of the Municipality of Parma and collaboration with the COOLTORISE project represent a significant step forward in the fight against energy poverty. This workshop is just the beginning of an ongoing process to ensure that no family has to live in energy hardship, but instead can enjoy a safe, comfortable, and sustainable living environment.

To participate in the event, either in person or online, registration is required by March 20th at this link:

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