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Let’s share our experience – this time at the Environmental Education Congress in Barcelona!

Environmental Education is challenging not only because of complex causes and impacts, but also because underprivileged situations add more difficulties to face the change

From the 25th to the 27th of January it took place in Barcelona the Environmental Education Congress (CNEA) with around 450 local participants. They were mainly from environmental services, education sector and public administrations. The motto was “Building communities towards ecosocial justice”. 

The event included some plenary sessions dealing with the current challenges such as the climate emergency and how it is intertwined with the economic system. Interesting insights were commented about how to engage the population and, especially, how to communicate in mass media with reliable and contrasted information. One key message is that environmental impacts are difficult to understand and prove by a non-expert person (like a generalist journalist) and to communicate in very short times, like mass media require. A network of consulting experts would be of great support to provide more reliable communications for the general public. 

The congress also included separate workshops in 8 groups, where a great variety of projects were presented and commented with the audience. The Cooltorise project was represented by Ecoserveis and ABD Association. The organizations’ representatives spotlighted the summer energy poverty challenge in the Mediterranean basin. This presentation ignited a thought-provoking discussion about the constraints faced by individuals in underprivileged or challenging situations, hindered by limited means to address their well-being. Living with few resources, in a building highly exposed to summer heatwaves or finding sustainable options much more expensive than other options in the supermarket are important barriers to face the ecologic crisis and to live with good health conditions. Thus, the audience considered that, beyond environmental education, structural measures were essential to tackle not only poverty but also climate resilience. 

For more information on other summer energy poverty mitigation activities carried out by the Cooltorise project all over Europe, you can consult the project website:

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