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Launch of the Program “Interventions aimed at improving public space

The Ministry of Environment and Energy invites all Municipalities and Regions of the country to submit funding proposals for the Program “Interventions aimed at improving the Public Space”.

The launch of the program took place online on the 02.03.2022.

This initiative is included in the Recovery and Resilience Fund, with a total budget of 204 million euros. The project aims to create conditions for urban renewal with significant environmental and development benefits for local communities.

The interventions that will be implemented include the regeneration of historic centres and degraded areas, the reuse of the building stock of cities, the creation of networks of gentle movement, the regeneration of areas with water and green spaces, and the installation of innovative energy saving systems.

With the primary goal of the economic recovery of urban areas after the coronavirus pandemic, the Program “Interventions aimed at improving the public space” is developed in 7 axes:

  1. Renovations include complete promotion and upgrading of historical centers, or other wider urban areas, as well as renovations of large coastal or other historical and important fronts.
  2. Restoration and reuse of building stock. Actions such as the restoration and reuse of buildings of special architectural value (preservable or not) as well as any other inactive building stock, as well as the aesthetic, functional and static upgrade of buildings and / or entire building complexes.
  3. Regeneration of waterway areas and creation of a green grid. This category may include streams, rivers, lakes and riparian areas, lakeside areas outside the plan, the reconstruction of which is considered necessary for the completed character of the project.
  4. Total strategic interventions in residential areas which may include the identification and creation of areas with special features (areas with low speeds and/or gentle traffic, areas with car-free inland roads, etc.), as well as the creation of a network of gentle routes in the municipal community – neighborhood level.
  5. Reconstruction of public space with bioclimatic elements and smart applications that can include the creation of networks of gentle forms of movement (sidewalks and streets with low traffic, widened sidewalks, squares, bicycle infrastructure, delimitation of parking lots, control systems, etc.) projects in the open space for the installation of PC charging points, stations for public vehicles/bicycles / micro-mobility, etc.
  6. Urban green development. Interventions that include urban green networks as well as green development applications and actions in municipal and public buildings may be included. This category also includes suburban green areas outside the plan, the renovation of which is deemed necessary for the completed character of the project.
  7. Adoption and operation of “smart” systems and applications which may include the above for outdoor public space and public and/or municipal buildings with the aim of proper resource management.


The programme targets all the first and second degree local authorities of the country, the respective Development Societe Anonymes (AAOTA), as well as public bodies or services that have relevant responsibilities.


Potential beneficiaries can be informed about the Programme “Interventions aimed at improving the Public Space” at the following link:

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