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Latest news from our partners in Barcelona and Madrid

This time, we shall update you with the Cooltorise progress in Spain. The article will provide you with information from the participation of our Spanish partners in the EESAP 13th International Congress (Donostia-San Sebastian) and recruitment of volunteers for the upcomings formations in Barcelona.

In October, the 13th International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Urban Planning (EESAP for its acronym in Spanish) took place. The theme of the congress was focused on addressing the opportunities in line with the European Union’s recovery plan with the aim of fostering the improvement of people’s quality of life.

The Cooltorise research team from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid participated in the international congress through two communications. The first one in relation to the work carried out for the Cooltorise deliverable D1.1, entitled “Rethinking Summer Energy Poverty from the south: debates and frontiers of an overlooked issue”, discusses the need to include scientific knowledge focused on summer conditions in the development of local plans to tackle summer energy poverty.

The second presentation entitled “Summer energy poverty in the Southern Europe: a public policy perspective”, addressed the work developed under the Cooltorise project in which the specific policies and good practices related to tackling summer energy poverty in the four participating countries were analysed: Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and Spain. Its main result is that although there are large-scale projects and public policies on clean energy and energy poverty, there is still a need to further develop these issues, as not all EU countries have managed to deepen their policies on energy poverty.

In Barcelona, in October it took place the communications campaign for the recruitment of volunteers for the upcoming formations.

The campaign to recruit volunteers for the workshops started at the beginning of October. Later on, during that month,  we managed contact with several organisations and enterprises in order strengthen the corporate volunteering, something that will be very beneficial for the Cooltorise project, since it will allow a lot of people from the city to learn about summer energy poverty and become agents of energy poverty.

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