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EUSWE Open days – Sustainable energy communities: Combating Summer Energy Poverty

On the 30th of August 2022, ViLabs, Prosvasi, and the European Youth Parliament organised the online event Sustainable energy communities: Combating Summer Energy Poverty, in the context of the Cooltorise project. The event took place under the umbrella of the EUSEW Open Days 2022.

The interactive webinar was a valuable opportunity to raise awareness on summer energy poverty (SEP) and its’ impact on citizens’ life. Trained experts were able to share their knowledge and provide practical advice on how to tackle summer energy poverty. They discussed the available solutions, as well as the potential actions to cope with the heat waves.

The workshop highlighted the need to create sustainable energy communities through engagement with EU, national, and local actors, and the vital contribution of youth activism in building young energy communities. Conceptual space for discussion was initiated, and the participants engaged in innovative interactive activities that promoted the development of energy culture. The event included a brainstorming session and a game to provide answers to simple questions related to summer energy poverty, reflecting on how to make sustainable choices and contribute to reducing cooling needs.

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