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Energy efficiency of domestic electricity appliances

In support of its energy efficiency policy, we have found some interesting advices and recommendations from a Bulgarian electricity supplier ENERGO-PRO. During the cold season, as well as during the summer heats, these measures could significantly reduce electricity bills of a household.
Energy efficiency in households is a way of thinking. In order to have a result of our actions, we need to be aware of which are the appliances with highest electricity consumption and to monitor their optimal performance. Such are the heating/cooling and cooking appliances, the iron, the hair dryer, the toaster, the boiler, the dryer, the dishwasher, the washing machine. In cases where this is possible, their inclusion in the night tariff leads to lower electricity bills for the consumers. The use of high-end energy efficient appliances is also recommended.
Here are some measures to increase energy efficiency in your homes, especially in connection with the use of significant electricity consumers:
∙ Invest in thermal insulation and quality seals;
∙ Use energy-saving blinds and double glazing;
∙ Ventilate briefly with the windows wide open;
∙ Turn off the heating or cooling in the rooms that are not in use;
∙ Do not cover or surround/block heating and cooling appliances;
∙ Keep the thermostat away from the refrigerator and other sources of heat;
∙ Close the water tap whenever you can to save hot water;
∙ Use the shortest programs of the dishwasher and washing machine as much as possible and turn them on only when they are full but not overloaded;
∙ In the dryer, dry clothes which have similar weight;
∙ Do not keep the refrigerator door open for too long;
∙ Do not leave liquids unclosed in the refrigerator, as they affect the operation of the compressor;
∙ Defrost the fridge when it has too much ice;
∙ Allow the warm dishes to cool before placing them in the refrigerator;
∙ Periodically check the refrigerator seals;
∙ Buy a refrigerator with a suitable size for your needs, and for its efficient operation do not overfill it and do not keep it almost empty;
∙ Place the refrigerator away from heating appliances;
∙ When cooking, use the right amount of liquid, lid and the right diameter of the hob to prevent energy loss;
∙ Avoid over-opening the oven during cooking, as this will cause it to lose 50 to 100 degrees of its temperature;
∙ Turn on the oven in advance only if the dish requires it and turn it off 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, without opening it;
∙ For cooking in small quantities, use a pan and other smaller utensils;
∙ When cooking in ceramic or glass dishes, the temperature can be reduced by 20 degrees, as these materials retain heat better;
∙ Do not place heating and cooling devices next to each other – each makes the other work less efficiently;
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