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Cooltorise: Training Operators to Combat Summer Energy Poverty

In the context of the urgent need to address summer energy poverty, the COOLTORISE project, funded by the European Union under the Horizon program, has made significant progress in training specialized operators to tackle this growing challenge.

One of the key initiatives of the project has been the training of SEPA (Summer Energy Poverty Agents), crucial professional figures in providing assistance and counseling to people affected by this phenomenon. SEPA played an essential role in providing practical support and valuable advice to individuals experiencing summer energy poverty on how to best cope with heatwaves.

Through a series of workshops, implementation of indoor thermal improvement kits, outdoor interventions, and installation of heat alarms, SEPA actively worked in the field to ensure that vulnerable families had access to the resources and information necessary to protect their health during periods of sweltering heat.

Thanks to these coordinated actions, the COOLTORISE project has demonstrated the crucial importance of having specialized operators in the energy field capable of offering targeted support to combat summer energy poverty. The project highlighted the fundamental role that training and the presence of qualified individuals can play in ensuring a safer and healthier environment for communities affected by this phenomenon.

In the current final phase of COOLTORISE, it is possible to reflect on the positive results and key aspects of the project. This initiative represents a best practice example in addressing a complex and urgent challenge such as summer energy poverty. Its positive results offer valuable guidance for future projects and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals and protecting their health during periods of intense heat.

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