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Cooltorise training events start in Bulgaria

Training activities within the Cooltorise project began in Bulgaria in the first week of April 2022. The Bulgarian team organized two training events, one in Pazardzhik, and one in Peshtera, and about 30 citizens from the 2 cities took part in these first series of training events. The training was made by professionals who work in the partner organizations in Bulgaria: Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth (CSEG), and Peshtera municipality.

Experts from CSEG presented topics like energy poverty with accent on summer heat; energy efficiency at home and potential measures to optimize energy and cooling needs; renewable energy sources and how RES can be introduced at home to reduce cooling needs and energy dependency. Experts from Peshtera municipality presented topics like “the role of municipality in fighting energy poverty at local level”, and GDPR rights of citizens when asking for public services. Citizens were also introduced with Cooltorise project, its objectives and upcoming activities.

Citizens of both municipalities showed interest in becoming part of Cooltorise project as Summer Energy Poverty Agents (SEPAs), and declared readiness to take part in the upcoming activities of the project like outdoor interventions, home monitoring of energy performance and project workshops. A questionnaire was completed by each participant of the trainings showing improved knowledge on the topics of the course and also a high level of satisfaction of the logistics facilities and overall course organization. Training activities will continue in both locations (Pazardzhik and Peshtera) in April 2022, in order to increase the number of citizens who pass the Cooltorise training course and to increase awareness on project topics.

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