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Cooltorise – Time for Evaluation

The second summer of the COOLTORISE project has been successfully completed, with numerous activities being conducted. Currently, the evaluation phase of the project is underway, and the follow-up interviews with the participating households are being conducted. The evaluation of the project’s actions is being led by the evaluation managers, ViLabs.

COOLTORISE’s evaluation strategy follows a bottom-up approach. The activities are evaluated separately, and the results are then combined to extract unified conclusions and propose policies and solutions. The impact of the actions is measured through a threefold evaluation, which includes assessing the level of completion of the actions, the degree of engagement among households, and the effectiveness of the actions. These evaluation criteria enable the comprehensive measurement of the success of our interventions.

The current focus of the analysis lies in examining the valuable data obtained from the pre-questionnaires and the post-questionnaires. By analysing the input gathered by the households, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the behavioural change achieved by the Cooltorise interventions, the knowledge and skills acquired, as well as their satisfaction with indoor comfort levels. Overall, this mapping allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our activities.

To ensure the reliability of the findings, a robust methodology, which combines quantitative and qualitative analysis, is employed. This meticulous approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of the COOLTORISE activities, ensuring that the findings are not only statistically valid but also enriched with qualitative insights. The combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis further enhances the credibility of the evaluation, providing a holistic perspective on the overall impact achieved by the project.

The COOLTORISE project encompasses various aspects, including workshops on energy culture and bills, distribution of energy-saving kits, outdoor interventions, and the implementation of heatwave alarms. Until this time, the consortium has conducted over 313 workshops and activities and engaged with more than 3,217 households.

In addition to the impact on individuals, the evaluation framework also considers the broader effects on society, the economy, the environment, and the political landscape. By categorising impacts into micro, meso, and macro levels, the evaluation framework also aims to assess the project’s overall contributions and identify areas for further improvement.

As the analysis of the activities’ impact progresses and the COOLTORISE project concludes its lifecycle, the ongoing evaluation process plays a pivotal role in assessing the overall project’s impact. The forthcoming results of the evaluation aim to unveil a comprehensive picture of the project’s success, contributing valuable insights to the ongoing mission of combating summer energy poverty.

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