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Cooltorise presentation to Bulgarian stakeholders

Cooltorise project was presented to Bulgarian stakeholders on the 30th of November, 2021 at the national conference “Smart cities and regions in action”. The event was organized in town of Velingrad, and was visited by 117 stakeholders: 36 physically, and 81 online.

There was a separate session dedicated to Energy poverty initiatives across the EU member states and realized in Bulgaria. Mr. Georgi Simeonov from Partner CSEG presented Cooltorise, emphasizing on its objectives and project indicators. The presentation created large interest among Bulgarian stakeholders, because after the presentation there were questions and topics raised by the participants. It was pointed out that Cooltorise is probably the first initiative in Bulgaria tackling the topic of summer energy poverty providing direct connection between climate change issues and home energy efficiency. Its results will be of high interest to Bulgarian policymakers, and stakeholders like local and regional adminsitrations, energy actors, and NGOs.

Video of the presentation of Mr. Simeonov can be found here:


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