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Cooltorise Outdoor Interventions in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

This time the Cooltorise team of Pazardzhik moves to Residential area “Maritsa” in Pazardzhik city. Following a number of meetings with local residents in order to discuss and define potential areas for planting trees, the Cooltorise team of Pazardzhik organized the next outdoor intervention on the 2nd of November, 2023 in the residential area of “Maritsa” neighbourhood, at Vasil Aprilov street No. 1, to plant lime trees with the purpose to raise the question on greening of residential areas, and to involve vulnerable citizens from this part of the city in Cooltorise activities. Citizens from these residential buildings were very positive and enthusiastic on the activities, proposing many additional measures on how to cool down during the hot season, and what could be done additionally in their neighbourhood to mitigate the negative impact of climate changes during the summer period.

Cooltorise experts promised to continue their support to citizen from this residential area, and introduce to them not only the outdoor interventions, but also the indoor installable kits, the summer heat and energy-bills workshops, as well as to include them in the summer heat warning alarms which is developed within Cooltorise.

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