Bulgaria is about to adopt a definition of energy poverty

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Bulgaria is at the final stage of adopting an official definition of energy poverty. The definition is the result of long expert studies using experimental data and pilot testing. The final version will be developed after a consultative process involving experts from the public administration, academia, NGOs, employers’ associations and trade union representatives. Discussions on the definition have taken place in a specially established Energy Efficiency and Tackling Fuel Poverty Committee of the European Green Deal Advisory Board.

The application of the definition for the purpose of energy assistance to the most energy poor has not been the subject of serious discussion so far. Among some experts in the administration of key ministries, as well as among business representatives and independent energy experts, and possibly among other participants in the public debate, the perception has emerged that the provision of adequate energy benefits is a secondary task to investment in energy renewal. This perception is linked to the guidelines set out in various EU documents on energy efficiency, decarbonisation of the economy and reducing energy poverty.

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