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Beat the Heat with CooltoRise!

The relentless summer heatwaves are becoming a real scourge for the population as scorch affects not only its wellbeing but also its health.  The community of Peshtera has come together to combat the rising temperatures.

Supporting Our Seniors: A Cool Hand in a Warm World!

At the heart of our community-driven efforts is our commitment to assisting the elderly during the hottest days of the year. We provide valuable advice to help them stay cool and comfortable, and our dedicated volunteers (SEPAs) lend a helping hand when it’s needed the most. Together, we create a support system that ensures no one faces the heat alone.

Rooting for Change: Greening Peshtera, more trees, more shade and relief!

Peshtera is not just about helping individuals – we’re transforming our town into a greener, more vibrant haven for all. Our community has initiated a tree-planting campaign, focusing on the most neglected neighborhoods where vegetation is scarce. Not only does this contribute to a cooler environment, but it also enhances the beauty of our community.

Free water for all!

We believe access to clean, drinkable water is a fundamental right for everyone. In the town center, a dedicated spot is now offering free water to all residents and visitors. Stay hydrated and beat the summer heat with the cool and crisp water provided courtesy of Peshtera’s caring community.

Our furry friends are watered as well!

Sustainability Beyond the Project: A Lasting Legacy!

Our municipality envisions a future where these initiatives extend far beyond the project’s termination. We believe in fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and community care that lasts for generations. By joining hands with us, you’re not just embracing a temporary solution – you’re contributing to a legacy of sustainability and compassion.

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