Project Products


D1.1 – Methodological action framework.

This document reviews existing methodologies, solutions and approaches to tackle summer energy poverty conditions and specifically in relation to the European context.

D1.4 – Repository of different levels of solutions

The study aims to provide knowledge on the improvement of thermal comfort conditions in households in a situation of summer energy poverty by creating a repository of low-cost strategies.

D2.1 – Training materials

The document summarises the training strategy, for each country, for both coordinators and volunteers SEPAs (Summer Energy Poverty Agents). The objective of the document is to give an overview on how COOLTORISE has developed the training courses aimed at different target groups covering the main topics on summer energy poverty, energy efficiency and social issues.

D5.2 – Graphical identity and Project website

The objective of this document is to provide the COOLTORISE partnership with guidelines during the project’s lifetime on tools for graphical identity and describe the project website and social media channels.

D5.3 – Communication and Dissemination pack

This pack contains the following graphical materials, which could be used during and beyond the project end by project partners:

    • Project Leaflet
    • Project Banner
    • Project Poster

All materials are available in the following languages: Bulgarian, Catalan, English, Greek, Italian, and Spanish.