ViLabs OE Acronym


ViLabs is an SME that acts both as a private research and innovation laboratory and as an innovation Hub for startups. VILABS provides a wide range of research, development, and consulting services to national and international enterprises and organisations, utilising a unique set of tangible and intangible resources, including knowledge, facilities, human and financial resources, supporting researchers and entrepreneurs to support researchers and entrepreneurs innovate. ViLabs is active in the sectors of ICT, energy, gender and entrepreneurship through all stages of Research, Technological Development and Innovation and has established numerous networks of collaborators in each one.

Role in the project: ViLabs is the coordinator of the evaluation activities of the project, being responsible for the overall impact assessment. The knowledge required for this task is based on the company’s personnel and experience from several H2020 projects. In addition, ViLabs will facilitate the household engagement pilots in Greece. The company has vast experience in implementing behavioural change methodologies; in the creation, management, and involvement of online and offline communities in all stages of a research project, especially in developing the appropriate motivational and behavioural change approaches.