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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Lead partner of the Consortium

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the largest Spanish Technological University. With two recognitions as Campus of International Excellence, it is outstanding in its research activity together with its training of highly qualified professionals, competitive at an international level. More than 2.400 researchers carry out their activity at the UPM, grouped in 204 Research Groups, 19 Research Centres or Institutes, and 55 Laboratories, all of them committed to transform the knowledge generated into innovation advances applied to the production sector, contributing to solve the challenges of the European citizens. The intense collaboration with governmental bodies and industry guarantees that research at the UPM offers real solutions to real‐world problems. The dynamism of R&D&I activity at the UPM, together with the transfer of knowledge to society, is among its lines of strategy.

The research group ABIO – Bioclimatic Architecture in a Sustainable Environment is a recognized and registered research group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, based at the School of Architecture. The group involves more that twenty researchers, professors, architects, engineers, PhD Candidates, postgraduates and graduates, from different areas of expertise related to the sustainable development of our cities, with innovative capacity promoting environmental and energy aspects associated with bioclimatic architecture, sustainable construction, ecological urbanism and dynamic urban systems research and action projects.

Role in the project: The research group ABIO from UPM is the COOLtoRISE Project Coordinator. It is also responsible for the implementation of the actions with vulnerable households to improve their indoor thermal conditions during summer (WP3). As Coordinator, ABIO-UPM will oversee the administrative management, scientific and technical quality control, internal and external communication as well as problems resolution and mediation.


Primary contact:

Miguel Núñez Peiró
(+34) 910 674 889

Secondary contact:

Carmen Sánchez-Guevara Sánchez
(+34) 910 674 889

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