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Cooltorise Takes Center Stage at ‘Grafting Cities’ Event: Shaping a Sustainable Energy Future

Throughout Europe, cities and countries are actively pursuing equitable and ambitious initiatives to address environmental challenges and reinforce urban resilience. These efforts encompass a wide range of actions, including the adoption of nature-based solutions, local CO2 pricing, campaigns to combat energy poverty through renovation projects, the promotion of citizen-led sustainable mobility initiatives, and the formation of energy communities.

From October 17th to 20th, the city of Modena will serve as the focal point for a prominent event called Grafting Cities.” This initiative will bring together approximately 400 representatives from various European cities, including Modena itself, to engage in discussions on critical issues related to sustainable urban transformation.

Recognizing that short-term support is often insufficient, there is a growing consensus that systemic changes in energy supply and public policy are needed to support vulnerable households. To address this urgent issue, a workshop co-organised by the COOLtoRISE project will bring together citizen experts actively engaged in EU-funded projects such as POWER UP, Wellbased, Shape EU.  These experts will share their valuable knowledge, with a focus on housing, health, access to renewable energy, summer energy poverty and gender issues.

COOLtoRISE, with its unique perspective on summer energy poverty, assumes a pivotal role in this critical discourse. Indeed, on October 18th, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., COOLtoRISE will be actively participating in the working group entitled “Energy for the Invisible Citizen: In Search of Renewable and Equitable Durable Solutions.” Two members of our team, including Project Coordinator from the University of Madrid, Professor Carmen Sánchez-Guevara, will contribute to the first morning session, “Social Impact Hackers – Facilitated Thematic Workshop Around Energy Poverty” with a focus on “Summer Energy Poverty.” Additionally, researcher Ana Sanz Fernandez will participate in the second morning session, “Flopcast: Sharing Bad Practices on Fighting Energy Poverty” addressing the topic of “Fixing Mistakes and Delivering Actions to Alleviate Energy Poverty.”

You can find the detailed COOLtoRISE attendance program here, which provides an in-depth overview of the event agenda, including session topics and speakers. To actively participate and engage in this crucial discussion, we invite you to register here.

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