The Italian training strategy for the project first summer:

In Italy a total number of 31 SEPA volunteers and 8 SEPA coordinators have been trained in the first summer (2022). Both coordinators and volunteers attended the Sepa volunteer training course, coordinators had also to addend as a part of their training 5 online meetings in which managerial aspects were deepen to enhance coordinators’ ability to support the SEPA volunteers and monitor their activities.

The SEPAs volunteer training course is composed of 6 modules: 1) COOLtoRISE 2) energy poverty; 3) the role of volunteers within the COOLtoRISE project; 4) communication skills 5) energy plans and 6) the on-the-ground actions, indoor and outdoor interventions.

Originally the training course was organized following a blended method (3 modules to be followed online through the Moodle platform and 3 modules to be attended in presence). However, in consideration of the low participation of SEPAs volunteers on the online platform, mainly due to their advanced age and low level of ICT knowledge, the training strategy changed to include a higher number of in person lessons. Eventually, all the topics covered in the modules were addressed during the lessons in presence.