The Greek training strategy for the first summer:

In Greece, a total of 31 SEPAs were trained for the first summer (2022). 28 of them were volunteers and 3 were coordinators. Both coordinators and volunteers attended the SEPA volunteer training course, while coordinators received some extra instructions to help them with the managerial aspect of their role.

The SEPA volunteer training course is composed of 6 modules: 1) Introduction to COOLTORISE and the Greek case study; 2) Energy poverty; 3) The role of volunteers within the COOLTORISE project; 4) Energy planning and energy efficiency 5) Communication and privacy (GDPR) and 6) Recap

The training of volunteers and coordinators was the same. It was important to make sure both groups were informed about the work done by the other group to avoid misunderstanding or competition among them. Also, the coordinators received training about energy poverty in order to be able to assess the work of the volunteers and assist them in case they cannot complete the tasks (for example replace a volunteer or provide him additional information). Both groups received training for data privacy and protection. The coordinators received a more detailed timetable and some instructions to organise the workshops separately.

All SEPAs received two days of training, while the material was available both on the moodle platform of COOLTORISE, as well as it was sent to them by email in PDF format.