The Bulgarian training strategy for the first project year:

In Bulgaria, the two partners Association CSEG and Municipality of Peshtera were both involved in the training activities, organizing these in the two municipalities, Pazardzhik (CSEG), and Peshtera. In the first year (2022), the total number of SEPAs trained within Cooltorise is 61 (30 in Pazardzhik, and 31 in Peshtera), and 20 of them are coordinators, while 41 are volunteers. The training course was organized physically in both locations.

The SEPAs volunteer training course is composed of 6 modules: 1) COOLTORISE – general presentation and main objectives 2) Energy poverty; 3) The role of volunteers within the COOLTORISE project; 4) Energy Plans; 5) Communication skills, GDPR and privacy; and 6) Recap – practical information on upcoming activities.

In Pazardzhik, Association CSEG, and in Peshtera MOP, approached parents of students from high schools. First contact was done in high schools, where under the supervision of teachers and with the permission of high school directors, experts from CSEG and MOP attended “Class teachers’ lessons”, raising awareness on the project and summer energy poverty and proposing a set of activities to engage and train students’ parents as volunteers. Due to this campaign, Bulgarian partners had about 100 subscribers to the Cooltorise SEPA training course, and later on achieved to train 61 of them.

In Peshtera, part of the trained 31 SEPAs are employees of the municipality, who are involved in social services works, and employees who are working in the “Administrative services” department, which provides everyday public services to citizens. Officers from thee departments are constantly in contact with citizens of Peshtera, especially vulnerable ones, and could initiate interaction with target families in a more friendly and trustworthy manner.

The training campaign will continue also in 2023 in order to prepare a higher number of SEPAs in Bulgaria, who will be involved in summer energy actions during the ’23 summer period.

First year training course structure in Bulgaria

Module 1 – Cooltorise

This module provides a general overview of the Cooltorise project and its objectives and foreseen activities.

Module 2 – Energy Poverty

What is energy poverty and how to identify families/households threatened by energy poverty? What measures can be implemented in order to fight energy poverty – at local level, and at policy level? Main actors involved in the process to tackle energy poverty.

Този модул предоставя информация относно проект Cooltorise, основните цели  и предстоящи дейности на проекта.

Какво представлява енергийната бедност и как да идентифицираме семейства/домакинства, застрашени от нея? Какви мерки могат да бъдат приложени на местно и на законодателно ниво? Идентифициране на основните организации, които участват в процеса.

Training materials

Проект Cooltorise, цялостна презентация

Training materials

Енергийна бедност

Module 3 – Role of Volunteers in Cooltorise

This module describes the role of the SEPA volunteers within the Cooltorise project and also provides SEPA volunteers with examples and strategies of how to carry out the actions on the ground.

Module 4 – Energy Plans

What is energy efficiency, and what measures can be implemented ay home to save energy? What is RES, different types of RES and how they can be introduced at home? What is the role of a municipality to fight energy poverty – policy development and measures at local level?

Тук е описана ролята на доброволците, които извършват дейности по време на проект Cooltorise, като се дава информация и примери как да бъдат извършвани дейностите „на терен“.

Какво е енергийна ефективност и какви мерки могат да бъдат прилагани в къщи за пестене на енергия? Какво е ВЕИ, различни видове ВЕИ и как те могат да бъдат използвани в къщи? Каква е ролята на общината в борбата с енергийната бедност – разработване на политики и мерки на местно ниво?

Training materials

Агенти за лятна енергийна бедност – роля

Training materials

Административна роля на общината


Енергийна ефективност в домакинствата

Module 5 – Communication Skills, GDPR, and Privacy

This module aims at enhancing SEPA volunteers’ communication skills, focusing in particular on giving them the right tools to communicate with vulnerable people. It explains also what is GDPR, and the main rights of citizens.

Module 6 – Recap of Cooltorise activities

Summarizes all activities of SEPAs, and provides guidelines and schedules on what should be done in the first year of Cooltorise project, and main targets to achieve.

Целта на този модул е да предостави на доброволците подходящи инструменти и примери за комуникация с уязвимите групи семейства. Дава информация също така и какво представлява Регламента за защита на лични данни (GDPR) и основните права на гражданите във връзка с този Регламент.

Обобщава информацията за доброволците, предоставяйки ценни съвети и какво трябва да се извърши през първата година от проект Cooltorise,  основни цели, които трябва да бъдат постигнати.

Training materials

Комуникация, GDPR, поверителност

Training materials

Обобщение на дейностите по проект Cooltorise